Dumped Love Islander Tyla: I’m “pleased” Jonny’s moved on with Chyna

Tyla won't be seeing her ex on the outside now she and Mike Thalassitis have been voted out of the villa


As the Love Island final inches closer, the reality series is shedding its numbers and has dumped not one but TWO islanders – the couple with the lowest number of public votes.


Tyla Carr and Mike Thalassitis were the unlucky pair evicted from the villa following a five-day romance struck up after the latter re-entered the villa with Sam Gowland last Wednesday.

“I wasn’t that surprised,” Tyla told RadioTimes.com and other press after leaving the house. “I hadn’t been in a couple with Mike for as long as most in there – I don’t think we got enough time to show us as a couple and things didn’t move as quickly as they have done in the past with other couples so yeah, I was kind of expecting it.”


The pair got together just days after Tyla had dumped Jonny (above, who she stole from Camilla and who was ditched from the island last week. Confused yet?) – is she worried about how her ex will react to her new romance?

“I’m not necessarily worried about Jonny’s reaction. It’s never nice to see that from the outside – things move so quickly in the villa and things weren’t going massively well with me and Jonny in there anyway. And the things that I felt were missing with Jonny, Mike filled those areas.”

Will she see Jonny now they’re both out of the villa? “I don’t necessarily think we’ll make it a thing to make sure we meet up or anything. Obviously I’ve got no problem with him whatsoever, I did have feelings for him and we did get along really well but there’s no hard feelings on my side.

“I’ve seen he’s moved on with Chyna and I am pleased for them.”

Mike’s second stint in the house barely lasted longer than his first and Tyla’s coupling with the “muggy” Islander spelled the end of her stay. Would she have done things differently given a second chance?


Mike and Tyla

“I wouldn’t have just gone and coupled up with someone for the sake of it, unless it was on a friendship basis. Even though I wasn’t with Jonny I knew there was no one else in there at the time and I still broke up with him on that basis that I didn’t think things were moving on as well as I wanted them to so no, I don’t think I would have done things differently – me and Mike got on and we wanted to get to know each other more.”

So, with her chances of claiming the £50,000 prize now scuppered, which couple would Tyla like to win the series? “It’s hard to say because everyone is in such good couples. Because I’ve seen the ups and downs of Kem and Amber and the way they’ve come through it together, it would be nice to see them win.”


Love Island continues on ITV2 at 9pm