Dermot O’Leary is backing Lauren Murray and Reggie n Bollie on X Factor

Former host says this weekend’s was the first show he’s watched since leaving

Dermot O’Leary has watched his first episode of X Factor since leaving the show and he’s picked his favourites from the bunch.  


Having had some time to enjoy some Saturday nights of his own after kick-starting ours for the past eight years, this weekend he settled in to see what this year’s show was all about.

[Aside: nope, there’s no dancing at the start Derms].

So who’s Mr O’Leary got his eye on?

Well, it seems Lauren Murray and her big vocals caught his eye – the “pyro shower” and (gasp) “fake gospel choir” a giveaway that she’ll go far. Plus, Dermot appears to have been very much on board with duo Reggie n Bollie who earned a whole heap of new fans after their OMI and One Direction mash-up last night. 

And they’re good choices for Dermot as they’ve both safely made it through the second week of live shows and will return next week.


The X Factor continues next Saturday and Sunday on ITV