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Who is Denise Van Outen? Meet The Celebrity Circle 2021 contestant and performer

From the ice to the circle.

The Circle - Denise Van Outen
Published: Monday, 8th March 2021 at 7:30 pm

The catfish guessing game, The Circle is returning to our screens soon, but this time with a twist - all the contestants are well-known faces competing in The Celebrity Circle.


As part of Channel 4's Stand Up to Cancer fundraiser, the celebs are getting ready to either try to fool their fellow contestants or spot the fakers. Among The Celebrity Circle line-up for this, the first ever celeb version, is Charlotte Crosby, Baga Chipz, Duncan James and Denise Van Outen.

Denise has been on our screens a lot recently, but if you need a refresher on who she is then here is all you need to know.

Who is Denise Van Outen?

Age: 46

Instagram: @vanouten_denise

Twitter: @denise_vanouten

Job: Actress, singer, Goggleboxer and presenter

Denise has been a household name for years now, and will always be fondly remembered as a host of The Big Breakfast in the '90s - a show that really needs to make a permanent comeback. As well as being a presenter, Denise is also an actress, and recently had a recurring guest role on Neighbours as Prue Wallace - a character who met an explosive end last March.

She has enjoyed a successful stage career in London’s West End, appearing in productions including Chicago and Legally Blonde, and she put her musical theatre knowledge to good use as a judge on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 2007 reality series Any Dream Will Do.

Her voice has also been heard on The Only Way is Essex, where she narrates the show. She has appeared on two ITV reality shows in recent times: series one of The Masked Singer and the latest run of Dancing on Ice, where she was one of many skaters forced to withdraw due to injury.

Will Denise Van Outen be going into The Circle as herself or will she be catfishing?

There will be no fake personas for Denise to take on, as she will be playing The Circle as herself. But will she be able to work out which of the other celebs is playing a game and who is keeping it real? We don't have long left until we find out.

What has Denise Van Outen said about joining The Circle?

"I'm just going to be myself, have a bit of fun and just try to suss them out, the others, to see if I can work out if I know any of them. That's the thing, if I see names of people that I've maybe worked with or spent time with then I will have questions that I can ask them, just to suss out if they're genuine. That's part of the fun, but there's no major game plan. I always say I'm not competitive, but when I did Strictly years ago, I wasn't at the beginning. I was like, 'This is fun.' And then you get towards the end and you're like, 'No, now I want to stay here!'"


The Celebrity Circle begins on Tuesday 9th March on Channel 4. In the meantime, check out our TV Guide


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