David Walliams on hosting Strictly: “I’d be interested if they offered”

“I think they should annoy Brucie by getting someone older,” says Walliams, on the hunt for a new host for BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing

David Walliams returns as a Britain’s Got Talent judge tomorrow night and while he’s clearly ‘Team Cowell’ (yes, the bromance is still in full swing) a hosting spot on Strictly Come Dancing could catch his eye.


“Well I’d be interested if they offered it to me, but they haven’t!” Walliams tells Alan Carr on tonight’s Chatty Man show.

“It’s a great show but very difficult filling the shoes of someone who is a legendary entertainer.”

While Claudia Winkleman remains the odds-on favourite to take over the job, Walliams has his own ideas of who (apart from him) should dance their way onto the show.

“I think they should annoy Brucie by getting someone older, like Yoda!” Walliams jokes.

You can hear the catchphrase already, right? “Keep dancing, you must.”

I know, perfect Yoda, eh? It’s like he’s in the room.

CVs appear to be being dusted off left, right and centre, with actor John Barrowman, and broadcasters Chris Evans and Graham Norton’s names also rumoured.

Bookies put Walliams at 16/1 ahead of Evans who sits at 33/1, but Claudia leads the way at 1/4.

But would co-host Tess Daly offer Walliams the same pleasure as being alongside Cowell? Would he be able to poke as much fun at Len Goodman and get away with it? After all, who needs sequins and tight shirts when you’ve got Cowell and his unbuttoned look…

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