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Coleen Nolan wins Celebrity Big Brother

...and Jedward are second with Kim Woodburn third

Published: Saturday, 4th February 2017 at 6:06 am

Former Loose Women star Coleen Nolan has won Celebrity Big Brother.


She described her second experience on the reality TV show as "absolutely horrendous" as she was crowned winner of the series during the live broadcast.

Nolan said her time on the show was "much worse" than her 2012 appearance because of the "brutal" tests that creators put in front of the housemates during various tasks.

These included the time she was among a selection of housemates chosen by viewers as the most untrustworthy for a game of Two Truths and One Lie, during which they were forced to successfully deceive the rest of the house.

"There was something every day and it was always negative. The way some people left ... it was fun before."

She added: "Nobody knows how to play the game better than Big Brother."

After 32 days in the Channel 5 house, Nolan burst into tears as her name was announced.

Describing her victory as "the best feeling of my life," she confessed that she did not feel she deserved to win because she had been "so boring".

As usual, the series finale on Friday night saw the final six contestants evicted one by one with a live public vote.

Nolan beat pop twins Jedward to the top spot, leaving TV cleaner Kim Woodburn in third place after a controversial stint where she admitted to behaving like “an old crab”.


First to leave the show on Friday was Bianca Gascoigne, followed by Nicola McLean, then Game of Thrones actor James Cosmo.


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