Channel 4 explains why The Island with Bear Grylls has returned to Sunday night

After several weeks airing on a Monday, the reality TV show's concluding episodes have moved back to Sunday night


If you’ve been watching The Island with Bear Grylls, you’ve probably had just as much difficulty finding out when it’s on TV as the islanders have had trying to find fish to eat.


After initially launching on Sunday night, the show moved to Mondays at 9pm. However, the final fifth and six episodes of the show have now moved back to its original Sunday slot.


Episode five will go out on Sunday May 14 at 9pm, while Surviving the Island with Bear Grylls will air directly afterwards at 10pm. It’ll show what happened to the islanders after the show ended and they returned to civilisation after more than a month deserted on the island.

Explaining the scheduling decision, a Channel 4 spokesperson told “We launched the show on a Sunday and, as the season finale is a double bill with Surviving The Island it was best placed to end on that day too.”

So, there you go.

It’s been a dramatic series so far, as Channel 4 had to defend the decision to supply The Island contestants with dry clothes, food and shelter after a storm hit the camp, while islander Phil Coates told he was left feeling “aghast” at the decision to call a vote against him.


The Island with Bear Grylls concludes at 9pm and 10pm on Sunday May 14 on Channel 4.