Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Paula Hamilton

From a teenage romance with music mogul Simon Cowell to conversations with a coconut named Boris, here's the lowdown on the top eighties supermodel

Name: Paula Hamilton


Age: 51

Famous for: being part of the supermodel crowd in the 1980s and sharing a seven-year teenage romance with Simon Cowell

Bio: Catapulted to fame following her appearance in iconic Volkswagen ‘Changes’ advert (see video below), Paula was soon the toast of the modelling community, working for brands including Coty, Revlon, Clinique and Gap.

Meanwhile, her famous ex-boyfriend Simon Cowell was earning his stripes in the music industry, cultivating his brand of cheesy pop music. Unfortunately Paula opted not to stay in touch – a move she’s not regretting: “I haven’t been invited onto his yacht and I don’t want to go anyway.”

No love lost there then. She considers herself to be a spiritual person, using the description, “a 50-year-old with the body of a 20-year-old,” and plans on taking a coconut named Boris into the CBB house whom she can share deep and meaningful conversations with. Sounds like classic Big Brother behviour… Good luck Simon Cowell!