Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Courtney Stodden

She once dressed up in a lettuce bikini and caused controversy when she got married at 16. Learn about CBB's Courtney...

Name: Courtney Stodden


Age: 18

Famous, why?: US TV personality and model

Bio: Courtney Stodden made headlines when she married actor Doug Hutchinson, 51, when she was just 16 years of age.

The pair got hitched in Las Vegas in 2011 before appearing in the second series of VH1 reality show Couples Therapy in 2012, using the series to work through marital issues resulting from the age gap.

It’s thought they’d originally wanted to appear on CBB together (a bit like Speidi?), but Courtney will now fly solo. She’ll also leave behind the US drinking age limit of 21…

Stodden is known for her firm support of animal rights organisation PETA, and donned a lettuce bikini to promote a vegetarian lifestyle.

The model is an aspiring country and pop music singer, so we bargain dancer Louie Spence could find a new pal in the young star.

Getting into the UK spirit, Courtney’s recently been spotted in a Manchester United t-shirt and tiny (tiny) shorts.

Fave shoes? Sky high perspex heels it seems.

Oh, and you can watch her have surgery on her breasts on YouTube.

Then and now:

Then… on Couples Therapy


Now… lettuce love