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Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Andrew Stone

Will the Pineapple Dance Studios superstar make a splash in the the most famous house on Channel 5? logo
Published: Thursday, 5th January 2012 at 8:28 pm

Name: Andrew Stone


Age: unknown

Famous for: Appearing in Sky1's Pineapple Dance Studios and fronting the band Starman

Bio: First entering the public consciousness in February 2010 alongside Louie Spence and others in Sky1's utterly bonkers docusoap Pineapple Dance Studios, Andrew has managed to stay in the public eye ever since through various television appearances... oh, and his rock career.

Indeed, this writer was once lucky enough to see Mr Stone in "rock" mode fronting his band Starman in Camden a year or so ago. Their bittersweet mix of pop-synth melodies was so exciting, I was even compelled to take a photograph of the great performer alongside regular Starman guitarist, Jesus...yep, that's his real name. (See above.)

Stone will bring a generous helping of bravado and unreality to an already complex BB house of madness, so watch out for tantrums (and the occasional name-dropping session) from the off. Good luck, Andy!


Twitter: @andrewstoneuk


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