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Celebrity Big Brother 10: Meet Prince Lorenzo Borghese

The Italian Prince is giving up his glamorous New York lifestyle for a stint in the Big Brother House

Published: Wednesday, 15th August 2012 at 9:00 pm

Name: Prince Lorenzo Borghese


Age: 40

Famous for: being royal, being rich


Meet Prince Lorenzo Borghese, an animal loving entrepreneur who doesn’t like to be called posh.

A highly successful businessman, 40-year-old Lorenzo is a member of the House of Borghese, an Italian noble family who were once one of the largest owners of property and art in Italy.

Though proud of his heritage (he recently released a novel about one of his ancestors) he realises it has played a large part in his success and he would rather not be defined by it. He says, ‘putting a title in front of your name makes you sound arrogant and a snob, and that is not how I want to be viewed’.

Lorenzo should be at home on Big Brother, having been the star of the US Reality Show, ‘Bachelor’, in which he dated and eliminated a host of beautiful women. Unfortunately he was unlucky in love, but perhaps he will find his princess amongst the inhabitants of the Big Brother house?


Prince Lorenzo as the face of an animal rights campaign:


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