Tonight's Love Island looks like it's going to be the very definition of car-crash TV, with a challenge that threatens to reveal exactly what the Islanders really think about each other.


In practice that means taking things that have been said in private and repeating them in front of the whole group. A bit like what Dom did on Tuesday night – except this time, Camilla's there...

Yes, the snippet we've been shown sees all the Islanders gathered together as Marcel reads from a card "Camilla, who did your partner say this about...

"I look at her and think ‘I wanna f***ing rip your clothes off’"

Tyla, who must be aware that she's the prospective ripee, finds it highly amusing. Camilla does not.


“That was absolutely brutal,” says Jonny, stating the brutally obvious in the Beach Hut afterwards.

“I’m a terrible person, I’m a terrible person, god help me, bless my soul please,” says Tyla.

In a heart to heart with Camilla that evening, Jonny tells her “I just want to you to know how special you are to me. We’ve been here since the start and whatever sort of level it is you’re very important to me and I would never want to see you upset, I’d never want to see you upset in a million years."

Cut to: Jonny staring into Tyla's eyes...


...and Tyla staring into his...


Yep, brutal is definitely the word for it. And that's just the first secret...


Love Island is tonight on ITV2 at 9pm