Big Brother 2013 – first look inside the new house

What's behind the front door of the new BB house? And all those other doors? And why did they get a colour-blind designer to decorate...?

Big Brother is blasting back onto our screens this Thursday and we’ve been given a sneak peek inside the house. Well, at least we think we have. They fooled us with the fake eye, so who knows…


If the previous hints are to believed, recycling, eco-friendly and secrets & lies are the dominating themes of this year’s show and this décor is following suit…


Who needs a colour matching service when you can throw them all in and hope for the best, eh? That bicycle looks like it’s rigged up to something, so perhaps they’ll have to take turns riding it to power the lights. Maybe that’s why the beds look like they’ve been swiped from a nearby hospital. The books look fake, too. Can’t have a whole host of housemates reading now, can we?


This whole door thing is pretty intriguing. Will there be secret doors to other houses, escape routes or perhaps to Rylan Clark’s house – he’s the master of Big Brother day trips, right?


In a word, ‘Ow!’ There’ll be so many grimacing faces around this table we won’t know who’s really mad, or just really pretty darned uncomfortable.


Well, what else is there to do with a load of old orange office equipment?

Garden house

Is this the secret second house we all long for? Probably not, since we can see it. It would be brilliant if after a few days new contestants magically appeared from it, though. Like Narnia for the eco-friendly generation.


This is more like it – it has a very ‘weekend at the spa’ feel to it. We have, however, spotted the mangle and large bowls – no fresh towels on arrival then…


We must applaud this lovely garden, mainly for the fact that they’ve managed to get something to grow. It’s been a rubbish spring. Don’t get us started. We reckon this will form part of the housemates’ meal times – foraging for mint and the like.

Round table

Ah, the legend of the Big Brother brotherhood and their round table. We’ve waited so long… sorry, what’s that? It’s just a dining table? Oh.


Big Brother series 14 will be on our screens this Thursday at 9pm on Channel 5