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Beth Tweddle wins Dancing on Ice 2013

Olympic ace beats former EastEnders star Matt Lapinskas to be crowned this year’s ITV primetime celebrity ice dance champion - Emma Daly reports...

Published: Monday, 11th March 2013 at 8:40 am

In a shock turn of events Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle has beaten Dancing on Ice favourite Matt Lapinskas to win the 2013 skating title.


Beth and partner Dan Whiston have had their share of ups and downs in the series, mostly in her challenge to keep judge Jason Gardiner happy on the performance side of things, but Beth beat top-scoring Matt to scoop the title of 2013 Dancing on Ice champ. Presenter Phillip Schofield said, “Beth, you are the one we’ve been waiting for”, giving a nod to her natural skating ability – which even saw her create her own move, the ‘Tweddle tilt’.

Marking out getting to know her partner Dan as one of the best parts of the series, the humble star also said making it into the final when fellow celeb skater Gareth Thomas was too sick to perform was her worst.

For pro-skater Dan this solidifies his dominance among the pros (even though Jason singled out Matt’s partner Brianne Delcourt as one of the most talented) as he has now won the series three times. For the girls this means in the eight series there have now been four male winners and four female winners.

Matt, who throughout the series has been thought of as the obvious winner, wowed with partner Brianne during the final night with two top scoring performances, bagging 10s across the board from judges Robin Cousins, Ashley Roberts, Karen Barber and Jason, for both his Mr Pinstripe swing routine (complete with a group of pro skaters and dancers) and a re-enactment of his hip hop performance from show one.

Olympic champ Christopher Dean confirmed, “You haven’t put a foot wrong all night,” with Robin adding it’s the first time he’s ever been jealous, wanting to be involved and out on the ice with a celeb skater. Giving Matt his highest compliment ever, Robin said, “Matt remove your waistcoat”, which revealed his purple glittering shirt, before announcing, “now you’re ready for the Bolero.” Jason, albeit prematurely, added, “For me, you are my champion.”

But it was Beth and Dan who were to take home the trophy, trumping even their own expectations with their opening group performance to Car Wash, which saw Jason give the highest mark out of the judges, a 9.5. While the other judges scored 9s, Robin said Beth was relaxed and having fun, with Ashley adding, “Girl, you were being tossed around from man to man – it was a fabulous way to start the show.” Partner Dan concurred with the high scores adding, “I thought she was really hot.”

Earlier in the night Olympic boxing champ Luke Campbell missed out on performing the Bolero after bowing out in third place. The cheeky star, who has had his fair share of tussles with Jason, had an unfortunate trip in his second performance to One Direction’s Little Things. In keeping with the rest of the series, Luke left with the sound of Jason’s mocking voice in his ear, who said, “In comparison to the other competitors it isn’t on par.”

On leaving, Luke said that he felt he'd learnt a skill for life and seemed pretty chuffed he got his own bunch of farewell flowers – bless.

The class of skating stars 2013 were back in attendance as everyone from Pamela Anderson to Keith Chegwin returned to the ice. Even poorly Gareth was back, with a real sense of disappointment surrounding his inability to properly compete for a spot in the final.

Surprisingly, ex-TOWIE star Lauren Goodger was absent, despite tweeting throughout the week that she was rehearsing and set to return. Neither Phillip nor co-host Christine Bleakley explained this, however, it appears Lauren was injured, with the DOI Twitter account confirming that she was sat in the crowd.

It was great to see Chris and Jayne back out on the ice in the opening of the show, performing their own updated Bolero performance, complete with an army of drummers. The pair are shortly to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of their record-breaking Olympic gold medal win, but were full of praise for the celeb skaters’ version of their iconic routine. Perhaps it’s only fitting that a fellow Olympic champion took on the routine and walked away victorious.


So, after 10 weeks of sequins, some bumps, bruises, Jason and of course some amazing skating performances, that’s it for another year and according to Phillip, we’ll see them again in 2014!


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