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Exclusive – Below Deck's Captain Glenn Shephard hints at "complicated" boat romances for the rest of Sailing Yacht series 2

Captain Glenn Shephard says the current "boatmances" will continue for the rest of series two.

Below Deck's Captain Glenn Shephard
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Published: Wednesday, 28th April 2021 at 5:34 pm

Captain Glenn Shephard and his crew have set sail around the coast of Croatia for another charter season on series two of reality show Below Deck: Sailing Yacht.


So far this series, we've seen tension between crew members, a terrifying COVID scare and lots of loving.

And Shephard tells us there's lots more in store for the crew on board the Parsifall III, as he hints at "complicated" romances for the rest of the series.

Speaking exclusively to, he says, "As you've seen so far, there are a lot of boatmances going on and that continues. It gets a bit complicated. I can't really go into any details, but you know that continues on."

On his all-new crew, including chef Natasha De Bourg, chief Stewardess Daisy Kelliher, and chief Engineer Colin Macrae, he adds, "I think the best thing for me is that they're really great people. There's a lot of positive energy.

"Of course there's going to be some conflict, but they seem to overcome all that and just gel together well. It's not perfect. There are going to be little things here and there, but I think people can expect to see these young people doing a very difficult job under especially difficult circumstances. And, you know, making it work!"

Earlier in the series, we saw a bit of tension, with Natasha's headstrong nature putting her at odds with the other crew members especially Daisy, who we all know isn't afraid to give others a piece of her mind.

So, what was it like dealing with all this drama while on-board?

"It's not ideal, but definitely not the first time I've seen that kind of thing," Shephard explains. "There's always a bit of tension. The people that work on super yachts are usually quite strong willed and you know they're kind of adventurous, so you get a lot of strong personalities. Then if you're a department head, you have to be a strong person, with strong opinions, to make it to that level of heading up a department.

"So you have some conflicts sometimes. It's hard. You can sort of try to deal with what has happened, but the trick is to try and prevent it from continuing to happen and try to find a way that they can get past it. But that's something you can't really dictate. It's something that you have to try to encourage them to find that path by saying certain things, but you can't just always get along, that's not gonna work. So, you have to find that happy medium!"

In order to avoid tension, Shephard suggests finding time for yourself, something that has been particularly difficult during the pandemic.

He continues, "Even when there's no restrictions due to things like COVID, that's already a hard thing. And people deal with it in different ways, but again you have to be that kind of person to survive and get along well with a lot of different types of personalities. You find ways to get away and let off a little steam or just spend time by yourself away from the boat, but especially this season that's harder because of the circumstances."


Below Deck: Sailing Yacht season two is available to stream on hayu. To subscribe to hayu, please visit here. To find out what else is on TV, check out our TV Guide or visit our hub for more Entertainment news.


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