Bake Off’s Richard: I can’t be seen dead in Greggs

Builder Richard says his appearance on The Great British Bake Off means he has to be more picky about his lunch breaks from now on

Plenty of things have changed for Richard Burr since he appeared on The Great British Bake Off, but his biggest worry just now is his choice of lunch stop.


Richard says that he can’t visit Greggs anymore since making a name for himself as a master baker on this series of Bake Off.

“I can’t walk into Greggs now, can I?” Richard told Radio Times after making it to the final four of The Great British Bake Off. “If I’m walking down the road with a Curly Wurly I suddenly feel I’m not doing The Great British Bake Off any favours. Where’s my artisan pastry?”

Richard, who never appears on the show without a pencil firmly wedged behind his ear, says that his job as a builder actually helped him settle into the routine of the Bake Off tent.

“The tent felt familiar with all the cameramen and crew hanging around,” he said. “It was like being on site surrounded by tradesmen, only a bit cleaner and with less swearing!”

Paul Hollywood for one is sure that Richard’s experience in the building trade helped him when he was preparing his bakes for the judges’ table: “Whether Richard’s mixing up plaster, cement, dough or pastry, he knows about consistency. It’s like working a cement mixer. That’s why he does so well,” Paul said.


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