Amy Childs shock: “The Only Way Is Essex is set up and staged”

The former TOWIE star criticises the latest series of the structured reality show for being structured

Amy Childs, the orange-skinned, surgically enhanced former star of The Only Way Is Essex, has criticised the new series for being a bit fake.


“It’s all a bit set up and staged,” said Childs of the structured reality show, which returned for its fourth series at the end of January.

“In the first series we were like: ‘Oh, my god, we’re on telly’ but now you know what’s going to happen,” she complained.

Amy left TOWIE to take part in Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5 and subsequently landed her own programme, It’s All about Amy, which followed her as she took taxis to beauty salons and trained her dogs.

Channel 5 failed to renew the show after an initial audience of just 500,000 viewers dropped to 300,000 by the end of the series. But Childs suggested it had been agreed beforehand that eight hours was probably the limit.


“My show was always only going to be an eight-part series,” she told Star magazine. “The truth is, I have some big things coming up, including two new TV shows, which have been confirmed, but I can’t talk about them now.”