Popular American dating show 90 Day Fiancé is coming to the UK. The series will follow eight loved-up Brits and their long-distance partners over the course of 90 days to determine whether their relationship is the real deal.


The reality show will be airing on discovery+, and the streaming service has already teased viewers can expect "explosive family drama, culture clashes, awkward moments, shocking revelations and worlds colliding".

And, of course, whether the couples will come out of the 90 days engaged.

So, who are they and how did they meet? Read on for everything you need to know about 90 Day Fiancé UK's couples.

Shaun and Christine

Shaun and Christine.

Shaun (41, Hampshire) and Christine (42, The Philippines) met in 2012 online, and have been in a long-distance relationship ever since. They even share a child, who was born in 2018 and who Shaun has only met three times.

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Christine is also mum to three children from previous relationships, which Shaun helps support financially. With such a long-term relationship under their belts, a future in the same country should, in theory, be easy.

Bridie and Host

Bridie Matthews and Hussein Ali Thini (Host)

Bridie (31, Rotherham) and Host (28, Lebanon) have been together for two years, after meeting online while playing a game.

Their friendship soon grew into a full-blown long-distance romance, though they've never met in person. Host told discovery+ he had never felt such strong chemistry with anyone before, and is eager to join Bridie and her daughters in the UK, but requires a visa to do so.

Victoria and Sean

Victoria and Sean.

Victoria, a 33-year-old from Wolverhampton, is obsessed with all things Japan. It was via her Japanese-themed Facebook page that she met Sean, 42, who hails from the country.

Victoria has been unlucky in love before, and with Sean not being completely honest with her from the get go – he didn't tell her his age, or the fact that he has been married before, and maybe not actually divorced by the time they met – it looks like the pair could be in for a rough ride. She doesn't even know what he does for a living when the dating show begins.

Kadie and Alejandro

Kadie Fallowfield and Alejandro Lopez-Alvarado standing cuddling on the street outside some shops.

Kadie is a 26-year-old nurse from West Yorkshire, while Alejandro is a 30-year-old fitness fanatic from Mexico. The pair met in June 2021 on an international dating site, and have never met in person. But that's set to change when Alejandro travels to the UK for the first time to spend four weeks with Kadie.

Depending on how the trip goes, and whether Kadie's grandmother likes him, the pair could finally become official.

Richard and Kathleen

Richard and Kathleen in Cebu.

Richard (41, Preston) met 32-year-old Kathleen, who hails from The Philippines, on a dating app after being "fed up with dating British women".

The quiz host is looking for a housewife, and is head over heels for Kathleen, even going as far as to visit her and her family in The Philippines. Despite wanting someone to take care of the home, Richard doesn't have a good track record of being faithful, however, which could certainly put Kathleen off.

Emma and Hossein

Emma and Hossein.

Emma, a 44-year-old single mum from West Yorkshire, met Hossein, a 33-year-old from Iran, six years ago over Instagram. The pair hit it off immediately, despite having different interests – she loves going out with her pals, while he's a bodybuilder who loves posting selfies.

Pat and Sam

Pat and Sam

Despite their big age gap – Merseyside native Pat is 68 while Sam, who hails from Pakistan is 28 – these two appear to have a lot in common.

Both nurses and both Christian, they connected when Sam sent Pat a friend request before telling her he felt an attraction to her. It wasn't long before they were chatting over the phone, and Pat is convinced their relationship is the result of fate, even if they've never met in person.

Calum and Marvin

Calum and Marvin.

Calum is 28 and hails from Perth, Scotland, while Marvin is 26 and is from The Seychelles. The pair met by chance while scrolling through international Tinder, and Marvin made the first move by telling Calum just how attractive he thought the Scot was.

Though the pair have never met in person when we're introduced to them on the show, they often talk about their dream wedding and how they can make their life together work.

90 Day Fiancé UK will air on discovery+ from Sunday 24th July – you can sign up for discovery+ here. In the meantime, check out our Entertainment hub for all the latest news, or find something to watch tonight with our TV Guide.


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