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14 brilliantly honest quotes from The Jump contestants

Mike Tindall, Phil Tufnell, Gogglebox's Dom et al share their frank thoughts on taking part in this year's ski-themed reality show

Published: Wednesday, 28th January 2015 at 10:31 am

Sunday night sees the return of Channel 4's The Jump, the show where celebrities willingly chuck themselves off a ski jump.


The 16 famous faces are all busy training in Austria, with daily tasks to master as well as that dreaded jump, including skeleton, bobsleigh and ski cross. There are a few new challenges this year too, including the addition of The Air Jump, which entails building up speed and then leaping as high as possible before landing on an airbag. It actually sounds like the most fun of them all, but is no doubt terrifying.

So how exactly are they feeling? The celebs share their honest thoughts on skiing, winning and each other...

Ashley Roberts

“The skeleton and I are not going to be good friends. Face down, staring at an icy rollercoaster ride – I’m pretty nervous about that"

Chloe Madeley

“I’d never even looked at a pair of skis. I didn’t even realise the boots were separate. I thought it was one whole thing.”

Dom Parker

“I’m not expecting to win, probably because I’m a bit old and a bit fat.”

Heather Mills 

“I’m dreading being on a ski cross with other skiers who don’t know what they’re doing.” 

Jodie Kidd

“You’ve got Tuffers and Dom, who are more likely to win the après-ski competition, which I would much prefer to be part of.”

Joey Essex

“I’ve never been [to Austria] before, but I’ve heard there’s bars there as well. There’s a load to do, there’s apparently restaurants there, and I’m surrounded by single girls. It shouldn’t be too bad, should it?” 

Lady Victoria Hervey

“I feel like the skiers last year weren’t that good. Or some of them, if they were good, were older, and over-confident for their age, and they hurt themselves.”

Louie Spence

“It would be great to win. I just have to see who I need to take out!” 

Louise Hazel

“Often the problem with being an athlete and being competitive is it spoils the fun. Inevitably, the green-eyed monster, the Hulk, will eventually come out, and I guess that will add to the entertainment.” 

Mike Tindall 

“I think with this one, I’ll probably be looking to win [...] I’m in no way worried about Tuffers whatsoever!”

Phil Tufnell

“I saw Goughie [former cricketer Darren Gough who took part last year] and he went, ‘Oh, you’ll have a great time.’ Although he did say, ‘It’s a little bit dangerous.’ And then he walked off, and I was left there going, ‘Eh? What did he mean by that?’” 

Stacey Solomon

“If I’m good, great. If I’m not, well, I wasn’t going to be an Olympic skiing champion anyway.” 


“I’m really intimidated by Mike Tindall. He’s such a fierce competitor; he’s got the mentality of a world champion. I’m known for failing. The only thing I’ve ever done professionally, really, is be a circus clown. And now I’ve got a career telling jokes about my p****. That’s about it.” 

And from host Davina McCall:

“I was a bit worried after the last series whether we’d find anybody that would be prepared to come and lob themselves off what is literally the most terrifying eliminator on TV.”


The Jump starts on Sunday 1st February at 7pm on Channel 4


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