1. Who killed Danny Latimer and in which hit drama?


2. Who were the Masters of Sex on Channel 4? Characters and actors please.

3. Name the fictional country that was home to British diplomats Keith Davis and Neil Tilly (David Mitchell and Robert Webb) in The Ambassadors.

4. Gangsta Granny's David Walliams wrote a BBC1 sitcom this year. What was it called?

5. Which ITV US import featured Death Comes to Pemberley's Matthew Rhys as a Soviet spy?

6. A Radio 4 comedy legend and one-time music-hall star moved to his own series on BBC2. Who is he?

7. Which Mad Men star scored a notable hit this year as a troubled New Zealand detective? Name the star and the series.

8. Who probed the secrets of the royal bedchamber for BBC4?

9. Who investigated the death of suffragette Emily Wilding Davison under the hooves of the King's horse in the 1913 Epsom Derby for a Channel 4 documentary?

10. Gillian Anderson starred in the controversial BBC2 crime drama The Fall, about the hunt for a serial killer. Where was it set?


1. Joe Miller, Broadchurch. 2. William H Masters (Michael Sheen) and Virginia E Johnson (Lizzy Caplan). 3. Tazbekistan. 4. Big School. 5. The Americans. 6. Count Arthur Strong. 7. Elisabeth Moss, Top of the Lake. 8. Lucy Worsley. 9. Clare Balding. 10. Belfast.



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