Race Across the World’s Emon and Jamiul emotional after heart-wrenching scenes in Brazil

The lads see something truly shocking

race across the world

Race Across the World will be continue this evening (12th April) as the teams start their sixth leg of the epic adventure.


Armed with just a backpack, a bit of cash and their brains, the contestants now have to head through Brazil, but they see some devastating sights.

Bradford and Manchester lads Emon and Jamiul are making their way to a vital bus connection when they come across a group of children who are sleeping rough by a busy food market.

The heart-wrenching scene hits home and Emon says: “It shouldn’t be like this, man.” He desperately tries to find something in his bags to give the children that will be of some value to them.

Jamiul is completely overcome by the devastating conditions the children reside in and says: “Seeing that whole family, I just can’t for the life of me understand. My uncle handled it better than I did. I’d say he’s stronger, that man, he can keep himself together.”

Emon reflects: “First thing I noticed when I went there, there were no shoes, seeing little feet poking out of the blanket and they were black as anything. So I just did what any human being should do really.”

He offers the children anything he can spare, including his beloved playing cards, in attempt to bring some kind of joy to the children.

Emon and Jamiul will surely never forget the emotional scenes, even after their incredible journey comes to a conclusion.

The clip can be seen here.

The Race Across the World team still have three more routes to follow after tonight. We can expect the finale in early May.


Race Across the World continues tonight on BBC Two at 8pm. If you’re looking for more to watch check out our TV guide.