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Prince Harry asked Barack Obama if he prefers Suits or The Good Wife

The Radio 4 Today guest editor put the former president on the spot with a cheeky question about his fiancée Meghan Markle's former show

Published: Wednesday, 27th December 2017 at 9:05 am

Prince Harry used his spot as guest editor of the Today programme to ask the really important questions. Questions like: does the former President of the United States like his future wife's TV show?


During his period as BBC Radio 4 Today guest editor, Prince Harry ended a wide-ranging interview with Barack Obama with a cheeky quickfire Q&A – which included a sly reference to fiancée Meghan Markle.

From asking the former president whether he preferred 'Queen' or 'The Queen' and 'The Rock' or 'Chris Rock', the royal prince worked Obama hard during his appearance.

But then came the curveball: Prince Harry asked Obama, "Suits or The Good Wife?"

Now, given that Prince Harry's fiancée is former Suits star Markle, this could quickly have turned into a diplomatic nightmare.

Obama's answer? "Suits, obviously".

Good move Mr President.

"Great, great answer," Prince Harry replied.

Prince Harry has taken the Today programme's guest editor's chair this year as part of Radio 4's Christmas line-up shake-up. Other guest editors will include 95-year-old Conservative peer Lady Trumpington, English National Ballet artistic director Tamara Rojo, and novelist and poet Benjamin Okri.

Listeners were impressed by the prince's interviewing skills in a programme that covered topics including the armed forces, mental health, youth crime and climate change.


Prince Harry also interviewed his father the Prince of Wales for the show. He called the experience editing the programme "a big learning curve", and said he was "hugely grateful" for being given the platform to discuss issues close to his heart.


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