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Piers Morgan wanted Lord Sugar on the floor “weeping and wailing” during interview

“But I think short of taking all of his money away or his private plane nothing makes him cry...”

Published: Tuesday, 25th August 2015 at 7:03 am

When it comes to interviewing, Piers Morgan has a reputation for asking the questions others wouldn’t. For pushing topics that bit further than others might. There are often shocks. There are usually tears.


But there’s one person Morgan didn’t manage to crack: Lord Sugar.

Not that he's bothered or anything…

“I’d have loved to have had Sugar on the floor weeping and wailing about something,” Morgan told, joking that a few questions on his When Piers Met… show were never going to do the trick.

“But I think short of taking all of his money away or his private plane nothing makes him cry.”

Sugar did play up to the gag during the 2010 interview, though – “He brought out a bag of onions and made a joke of it...” 

“You’d like to crack the nuts,” admitted Morgan ahead of his return to ITV with Piers Morgan's Life Stories. “Rod Stewart was never going to cry in a million years.”

But while he says that during a wide-ranging and personal two-hour interview it would be unusual for most people not to show emotion at critical points, Morgan promises he’s not forcing it.

“I don’t like to revel in it. I don’t think it particularly helps the show if the idea is everyone has to cry. I never tell them they have to.”

Nevertheless, the way Morgan sees it, he can’t shy away from the tough questions.

“I’ve got boundaries, but I’m not afraid to ask difficult questions and look people straight in the eye and ask them. They don’t have to answer, but I’m not worried about doing that. I don’t feel shy, I don’t feel awkward at all,” Morgan explained.

“In my view, if they’re sitting there, doing their life story in front of millions of people, my job is to ask all those questions viewers at home would if they got the chance. The moment you start not wanting to ask one, you should be doing something else.” 


Piers Morgan's Life Stories returns to ITV on 4th September with Lionel Richie


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