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Piers Morgan helped Boris Johnson's 76-year-old dad do a handstand on live TV

Stanley Johnson's age doesn't stop him doing gymnastics moves, even in the Good Morning Britain studio

Published: Tuesday, 20th June 2017 at 1:50 pm

In today's edition of "scenes we never imagined we'd see", Piers Morgan helped Boris Johnson's dad do a handstand live on TV.


As part of his bid to prove that 76-year-olds these days can do anything (and age is just a number), Stanley Johnson leapt to his feet on Good Morning Britain and launched into a handstand.

The first one failed, but Morgan ran over to help with the second attempt.

As all the coins fell out of Johnson's pockets, Morgan grabbed his legs and shouted: "I've got him! I've got him! There he is."

Having suggested the idea in the first place ("Can you still do a handstand?"), GMB co-host Susanna Reid fretted in the background: "Oh my goodness! That's enough!"

Johnson was on the ITV show to chat about More4's The Baby Boomer's Guide to Growing Old.

"Look, frankly it’s just a demographic fact we’ll all be living hugely longer so the idea we start getting old at 60 is just nonsense. 70 is nonsense," he told Morgan.

"As far as I’m concerned old age might begin at 85."


The Baby Boomer's Guide To Growing Old airs tonight on More4 at 10pm


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