Piers Morgan has booked Boy George for Life Stories

“He to me is the perfect life story,” says Morgan of the iconic pop star and current The Voice coach


Piers Morgan has booked iconic pop star Boy George for his Life Stories series on ITV.


Morgan, who was speaking backstage at tonight’s National Television Awards, revealed he snagged the singer via social media.

“I did actually book Boy George on Twitter, which shows you the power of Twitter and shows you what a great guy he is. I said to him out of nowhere, ‘It’s time for Life Stories George – got to be hasn’t it?’ He direct messaged me immediately and said: ‘Your ears must be burning, call my manager.’”

“He to me is the perfect life story,” Morgan added. “A brilliant talent. Band Aid – he flew in on concord, rough as hell, hungover – apparently sang pitch perfect. Then he became the biggest pop star in the country and then he lost it all and all his problems and then he came back on a huge TV show, everyone loves him again. It’s a great story.”


Boy George, who can currently be found coaching on BBC’s The Voice, isn’t Morgan’s only target for the next series. “I’m working on Jack Nicholson, Brad Pitt and Boy George – I’ve got one so far…”