Photos reveal Rowan Atkinson on the set of the Love Actually sequel

Rufus from the jewellery counter seems to have found his way to Sainsbury's


Emma Freud has been teasing us all day with cryptic photos as she and her team film scenes for the Red Nose Day special in Sainsbury’s (of all places).


But now we finally know what’s going on: Rowan Atkinson is the mystery star on set!

Rufus the jewellery counter salesman will make a return – only this time, it looks like he’ll be bringing his terribly slow gift-wrapping skills to the supermarket till instead.

This revelation also makes sense of earlier shots featuring onlookers gathered outside the shop. If Atkinson is behind the counter, no wonder there’s an outrageously long queue to check out.


Just imagine it. “This isn’t a bag, sir. This is so much more than a bag. It’s a Bag for Life!”