People are sending Sir David Attenborough the most wonderful birthday messages on Twitter

Happy 90th to the irreplaceable Sir David Attenborough


Today is the day: happy 90th birthday Sir David Attenborough!


The great naturalist says he will be sitting down to a family lunch this Sunday to celebrate, but perhaps he might just find time to see some of the wonderful messages people have been posting on Twitter wishing him many happy returns.

Like this biology teacher, who posted the handwritten letter Sir David sent to her pupils after they got in touch with their “pen pal”.

Or this new father who can’t wait to show his child the world’s natural wonders.

And the millions of people who have been inspired by his TV documentaries.

Not forgetting the people who followed their own careers thanks to what Attenborough showed them.

All this weekend, Attenborough will be introducing four of his favourite documentaries from his long career, so there will be plenty more inspiration to come.

Of course, when Kirsty Young asked Attenborough about his own remarkable career, he was typically self-deprecatory.

“The reason that the programmes that I make are popular, inasmuch as they are, is because those things are fabulous and beautiful,” he said. “They are what the programmes are about, not me, and I get a lot of reflected glory, and I’m grateful for it, but I know actually where the credit lies.”

But without Attenborough, how would we see these “fabulous and beautiful” things?

After all, the BBC has been trying for 20 years to “find the new David Attenborough” – and they still haven’t managed it.

Sir David Attenborough reflects on an incredible career. #Attenborough90.

— BBC (@BBC) May 6, 2016


Because, quite frankly, he is irreplaceable. Happy birthday David Attenborough. 90 years young.