Oscars 2014 ceremony gets movie hero theme

Host Ellen DeGeneres will lead a celebration of heroes of the big-screen for the 86th Academy Awards

As if the Oscars weren’t exciting enough, the producers have revealed that this year’s ceremony will be a celebration of movie heroes.


Admittedly, this did bring to mind an audience full of stars dressed in spandex Batman and Robin costumes, but it’s bound to be far more glamorous than that.

Animated characters, superheroes and past, present and popular screen legends will all get a nod along the way. As will those filmmakers who bring them to life.

Producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron said the idea behind the decision was to “unify the show with an entertaining and emotional theme.

“By celebrating the gamut of heroes who have enriched our movie-going experience, we hope to create an evening of fun and joy,” they added.

Of course, helping the merriment along with her own brand of telly heroism is host Ellen DeGeneres. The beloved US chat show presenter will be there to add bucket loads of comedy, with producers teasing that there “may also be a few musical surprises along the way”.

There will also, naturally, be some rather important awards. The nominations for which will be announced tomorrow, January 16, at around 1.30pm. 

The ceremony itself takes place on Sunday 2 March.