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Old Men Grooving give sneak peek of Britain's Got Talent semi-final 'dad dance'

Learn the moves so you can groove along at home... and get some tips on keeping your other half happy

Published: Tuesday, 26th May 2015 at 11:00 am

Old Men Grooving will take to the Britain's Got Talent stage tonight for the second live semi-final and they want you to dance along with them at home.


The five-piece dance group are all about cool 'dad dancing' and their moves should strike a chord with plenty of dads at home.

There's the 'drive the kids somewhere' move:

The 'telling the kids to behave' move:

And the 'have a drink' move:

The dancers also chuck in a quick bit of marital advice with the additional 'mow the lawn to keep the wife happy' move, too. Maybe one day an Old Women Grooving will strike up and they can retaliate with the 'actually we'd rather you took the bins out' move, eh?

In the meantime, throw on a woolly jumper, wiggle your hips as you throw these shapes and you're basically a fully-fledged member of OMG. 

Check out their tutorial here and get grooving:


Britain's Got Talent continues tonight from 7:30pm on ITV


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