Noel Fielding’s AMA interview is as wonderfully wordy as you’d expect

Why use one word when twenty is so much better?


The inimitable Noel Fielding is currently in the US working on his upcoming comedy tour, but he took some time out to answer questions via Reddit’s Ask Me Anything.


When it comes to Fielding, don’t expect a straight answer. Or a short answer. Or an answer you can in any way predict.

Here we pick out some of his wonderfully wordy responses.

When asked whether he’d get a chance to visit to Florida during his tour (the incentive being this Reddit user can get him into theme parks for free) Fielding replied…

“Where in Florida are you? I would love to play everywhere in America and hopefully I’ll reach you all eventually. If I can’t play where you live on this tour I’ll make sure that I come down your chimney like a gothic Santa in the middle of the night and spoon you like a creepy half man half tarantula.”

That’d be lovely, right?

As for worrying about what to do with your life when you hit that quarter-life crisis, Fielding has this advice:

“You’re still young. Don’t panic. It’s hard to know what you should be doing in your 20s. Try different things, have some fun and see what happens.

“I believe in fate. I didn’t set out to be a comedian at first. I’m still not sure if I am or not. People like to put you a box. I’ve always been the wrong shape Maybe you are too. I think all the people who are wrong shapes for boxes should go out and march into the streets singing ‘We are the shapes! We don’t fit the box. F**k you society.’

“You can’t put a square peg in a round hole or a wrong shape in a box. Unless it’s a coffin and that particular shape has recently been murdered.”

This is the TV mash-up Fielding would like to create:

“A Mighty Boosh Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace mashup would be good. Their show is set in a haunted hospital and our show is set in a zoo so maybe for this it could be set in a haunted animal hospital. Or maybe it could be a musical.”

This is how long Fielding spends on his hair:

“Depends. On a good day none. On a bad day 24 hours. Over the years I’ve trained my hair to do what I say and it’s usually well behaved. I often reward my hair with special treats when it pleases me. Back in the 70s I once made love to my own hair in front of a second hand lorry whilst a priest looked on. She was nonplussed.”

And this is his next idea for a TV show…

“I’ve got tons of things up my silky sleeves. Just trying to work out which way to jump. Hopefully the next thing that I do will be some kind of underwater sitcom watched only by newts and salamanders.

“Don’t freak out. Humans will still be able to stream it but will half have to wait for permission from the amphibians who’ve paid big money for exclusive rights to everything I produce in the next 27 years. It’s about time that people who can breath under water and on land get access to my work first.”

Multi-talented Fielding reveals he used to paint animations on Mighty Boosh:

“Originally I used to do all the paintings for the animations. This meant that I was filming in the day and staying up until 5am painting. After three weeks of this I started to feel unusual so Ivana Zorn, who is Nigel Coan’s partner, now does a majority of the painting and I just design the main characters.

“Nigel animates everything like a futuristic goose. They both have a company called Nipple and work on various projects. Most of my friends went to art school and they’re all sickeningly talented. Where as I myself am a man fashioned from the belly button fluff of a puma.”

Apparently he’s enjoying America (for the most part):

“I could spend all day talking about this. But I’ve got to go drink Bailey’s from a shoe. What I’ll say is… despite Donald Trump, Americans seem quite lovely. [Although they cannot make tea, and I’ve had so much coffee since I’ve been here, I’m basically turning into the Henry The Human Fly]”

Is Fielding a God? Or King of the Mods? (well they did say you could ask him anything):

“I am uber mod. King of the fairies and goths. A legend in my own mind. I once had a dream that I saw God. I was William Blake in the dream and I saw God who was a large geometric crystal with soft whales eyes. One of the best dreams I’ve ever had and inspired the sketch in Luxury Comedy about the Ghost of a Flea which was a vision that William Blake actually saw and made a drawing of. In the sketch I played Ghost of a Flea and Rich Fulcher played William Blake. We were at a birthday party. The sketch culminated in a Happy Birthday song presented in the style of the punk band Suicide.”


Yep, totally clear. Thanks Noel.