Noel Edmonds will present Deal or No Deal 37,000 feet up in the sky

New episodes of the box-opening game show will take place on planes, trains and deep underground


Here’s hoping the Banker has a good roaming phone contract, because Deal or No Deal is going on the road.


In new on-location version of the series, presenter Noel Edmonds will take the popular Channel 4 format (which sees contestants open boxes to find large sums of money up to £250,000) to a variety of sites across Britain, including the top of Blackpool tower, onboard the Flying Scotsman train and underground at Wookey Hole.

However, the stand-out location is bound to be on board a Boeing 737 aeroplane, where Noel, 22 contestants and the Banker will play the game while 37,000 feet over the skies of Britain. Confirmation, if we needed it, that this idea is plane crazy.

“These shows are some of the most ambitious ever attempted on television – the sky has quite literally been the limit for this incredibly special series,” Edmonds said of the new episodes.

“It has been an absolute joy and honour to meet Deal’s loyal fans whilst out on the road at this hugely exciting time and I can’t wait for our loyal audience to see them on screen.”

“I’d thought I’d have a little fun sending Noel all over the place,” The Banker added. “He needs the exercise at his age.

“And as it’s Christmas I thought I’d do what I love most – watching people‘s dreams being crushed. Though I could be softened up with a little sherry and a mince pie.”

Advertisement understands that the special on-location games will make up the 10-episode run of an upcoming series called Deal or No Deal on Tour on Channel 4, with some (as hinted at by the banker) set to have Christmas-themed elements in the run-up to the festive season. They will begin airing in December.