“Gobbiness” is how new The Voice coach Boy George describes his and Paloma Faith’s contribution to the spinning chair show.


The duo join the show’s fifth and final run on the BBC and returning coach Ricky Wilson admits the volume has been turned up.

“Everything’s changed. I love them both. It’s a lot louder. You might have noticed I’m watching a lot more,” he said. Although he confesses his cool charm might be a tactic.

“Yeah, it’s manipulative,” Faith cackled, her infectious laugh very much the soundtrack of the opening episode.

“I came on this show to have fun,” George admitted, joining after the widely unpopular decision not to include Sir Tom Jones.

George comes out with some fantastic one-liners – “I am the other Queen of England” – and even gets a rather exotic “Pitch Bitch” past the BBC while battling to get a singer on his team.

“George and Paloma go for the jugular,” co-host Emma Willis told us. “In a good way.”

Willis was confused by the suggestion of reining Boy George in, with co-host Marvin Humes laughing: “We won’t be paying the fines, he can say what he wants.”

“George is like heaven, he’s so amazing,” Willis added. His one-liners rival Will’s. In a different way. He’s just brilliant. You don’t have Boy George and then rein him in.”

Faith admitted she didn’t expect to be hearing such fantastic singers so early on on the show and had to be told to hold back on hitting her button.

“I was like, ‘Wow this is great, oh this is better… keep pressing it.’ They were coming up to me saying ‘Just to let you know there’s like another 100-odd auditions…’”

Will.i.am confessed that the new line-up means he’s having to be more “timey” with his turn in the spotlight.

“You don’t want to crowd. It can be a bombardment of patterns. Like polka dots, plaid and paisley. It can be too much stuff happening, so it’s the first time I’ve had to pull back and figure out where I go,” he explained with typical will.i.am flair.

Faith teased he sounded like he was in an authoritative role and was “stepping back and watching the children play” but will.i.am knows he’s still dope.

“I didn’t mean it in that way. I have a lot of electricity, too. A part of me is like oh, oh, ahhh, no… now! So I have to be more ‘timey’. Time it more.”

“George and Paloma have certainly made a difference,” Willis affirmed. “They have such great personalities and so much charisma. Will seems to kind of bounce off them brilliantly. Ricky has that relationship with Paloma and has done for years and he gets on well with George as well. I like watching them. I could watch more of them. I want more of them in the show.”


The Voice returns tonight at 7:30pm on BBC1