Would you still subscribe to Netflix if they raised prices in the UK?

The cost of Netflix has gone up in the United States. Currently the UK is unaffected – but would you keep paying if the price went up?


Netflix has announced that it is raising its prices in the United States – but currently, the cost of Netflix in the UK is not going up.


The streaming service confirmed that it would be raising the cost of the standard plan in the US from $11 to $13 a month.

It is the most significant Netflix price hike since the service was first launched in 2007, but currently the UK is unaffected.

“Price increases are specific to each country and the US increase does not influence or indicate a UK price change,” a statement from Netflix said.

Prices in the UK last rose in October 2017: a standard plan in the UK currently costs £7.99 per month, but these prices depend on which subscription model users have chosen.

With prices rising in the US and other territories in Latin America and the Caribbean, some subscribers are worried that the cost of Netflix in the UK could soon be going up too.

The question is however: would you keep subscribing if Netflix raised its prices in the UK?

Do you think the shows and movies available on Netflix are worth spending a little more each month to keep watching – or would a price increase force you to cancel your contract?


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