Are any of the couples from Back With the Ex still together?

From Cam and Kate to Erik and Lauren, here's where the Back With The Ex couples are now

Back With the Ex

Back With The Ex dropped on Netflix some time ago, but of recent, fans have been talking about the show (in the Love is Blind aftermath) and asking where those couples are now.


The 7-part series, which first aired on the Seven Network in Australia, follows four former couples in their quest to discover whether they want to get back together, or finally call it quits for good.

We watched as some couples tried to reconnect with their childhood sweethearts, while others continued with their old ways (ahem, Erik!)

But are any of the them still together? did a little digging and here’s what we found.

Peter and Diane

Diane and Pete (Netflix)
Diane and Peter (Netflix)

Almost three decades after they first met and fell in love, the pair were reunited on Back With the Ex, after Peter contacted the team there.

One from Australia and the other from the United States, distance made it difficult for the couple to be together and resulted in them being apart for 28 years.

But despite the pair marrying and having children with other people, they admitted they still thought about each other daily.

It seemed that these two were determined to get together from the get-go, and this was solidified when Peter ended the series by getting down on one knee in front of Paris’s Eiffel Tower.

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However, history only repeated itself when the cameras stopped rolling as the couple struggled to make the distance work.

Speaking to Who, Diane explained: “I thought Peter was the man I would be spending my life with as husband and wife.”

She added: “Because Peter and I have parents and children in our respective countries, the distance became a problem and a deal breaker for me. I was deeply saddened when things ultimately did not work out.”

Meg and Jeremy

Meg and Jeremy (Netlfix)
Meg and Jeremy (Netlfix)

They were completely up and down from when they first met as teenagers.

And this only continued when they reunited on the show, with Jeremy saying: “There’s definitely two sides of Meg: there’s like, the fun and happy Meg, and then there’s the angry, bitchy Meg.”

It’s little wonder they didn’t see their relationship through.

Judging by their Instagrams, Jeremy is now in a new relationship and Meg appears to be enjoying single life.

Cam and Kate

Arguably the cutest couple on the show, Cam and Kate were high school sweethearts.

Cam idolised Kate and ended up heartbroken after she betrayed their relationship. Nevertheless, he decided to accept Kate’s proposal, giving things another go.

It all seemed to be going well on screen, however, the pair have since split and they’re both dating other people.

They haven’t deleted any of their photos from when they were on the show though, so it looks like they could still be on good terms.

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Erik and Lauren

Erik and Lauren (Netflix)
Erik and Lauren (Netflix)

There didn’t seem like there was much hope for Erik and Lauren to start with.

Before reuniting, they’d broken up a total of six times, averaging about once a year, and Erik even tried to pay for Lauren to get a boob job on one of her birthdays (what?)

Nevertheless, Erik was keen to get his girl back and he did a pretty good job at trying to win her over.

However, it was just a little too late for Lozza, who decided to walk away from him for good.

We guess once an ex, always an ex in this case!


Back With the Ex is available to stream on Netflix now