Neil Morrissey exits Mission Survive, describes it exactly as you’d expect

The actor has been hilariously honest throughout the Bear Grylls challenge and his summary of the experience is, as ever, to the point


Neil Morrissey was booted out of Bear Grylls: Mission Survive tonight and didn’t beat around the bush when describing the experience.


“We’ve seen [Africa] from its arsehole in. It’s been tough.”


Morrissey earned high praise from Grylls and his fellow survivors for his ability to problem solve. But after basically being told he lacked confidence, zeal and hope, Grylls quite matter-of-factly announced: “Neil, you’re done.”

The actor hadn’t exactly had his best day in the African Bush. He’d spent most of the afternoon telling people he was a dab hand at spear fishing. Yet, cut to the evening and Morrissey was knee-deep in a lake wobbling around like a pantomime dame as everyone yelled, “He’s behind you!”

Not exactly Rambo.


Morrissey, who by his own admission likes to be “fat and p***ed”, was no doubt quite happy to be on his way home. Although he did tell us that if push came to shove, he probably would do it again.

“I suspect it’s a bit like childbirth: you don’t really like going through it but once it’s all over you lose the memory and probably would do it again. Yes it pushes you, and yes it was testing and tough but would I do it again? See, probably. I’m saying no, no, no, but if I had to I would.”


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