Nathan Fillion and Ryan Reynolds have a budding Twitter bromance

Reynolds joined Twitter on the sly and the former Firefly star really wants us to follow the guy...

If you’ve taken your eye off the world wide web recently, you may have missed the fact that Ryan Reynolds has sneaked on to Twitter.


Yup, the Green Lantern himself has been socially mediating – complete with a blue tick – for just 21 tweets and counting, without causing much of a stir.

But that’s something his old friend Nathan Fillion, star of decommissioned cult favourite Firefly, wants to do something about, so he’s been urging everyone on the social network to follow him.

Although it sounds like Fillion had already paid that debt, by buying Reynolds a drink or two….

The two actors have previously played the same superhero, with Fillion lending his dulcet tones to DC’s Lantern in the animated movies and Reynolds taking on the live action role. But if you’re wondering how on earth Mal from Firefly and Van Wilder became such good buds you’ll need to cast your mind back to the 1990s.

Ever hear of Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place? Funnily enough, the sitcom followed two guys and one girl who lived in Boston and just so happened to work in, you guessed it, a pizza place.

Reynolds was one of the aforementioned guys while Fillion played recurring character Johnny Donnelly.

It seems as though they forged quite the bond offline while filming the show and are now taking a leaf out of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen‘s bromance book.

Speaking of superheroes like Magneto and Professor X, Fillion’s fully ruled himself out of the running for Sony and Marvel’s new Spiderman collaboration.

Is there anything to be said for more Firefly or a Serenity sequel instead?


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