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Mr Bean enlisted by the United Nations to help fight poverty, climate change and inequality

Four exclusive new 30 second videos have been commissioned to highlight some of the biggest topics under discussion at the UN Global Summit in New York

Published: Friday, 23rd September 2016 at 3:34 pm

Who do you go to if you want to get a message to the world fast?


Barack Obama, Ban Ki-moon... no, Mr Bean of course.

The United Nation's has enlisted the support of Bean - not only one of the world's biggest comedy characters, but one of the biggest players in global social media - to help get some of their key messages about extreme poverty, climate change and inequality going viral.

Perhaps an unlikely standard bearer for serious issues, Bean was selected by the UN because he fluently speaks the international language of comedy, one that transcends the myriad languages spoken by the 193 United Nations member states. It also doesn't hurt that he has one of the biggest global digital reaches, with nearly 66 million Facebook likes and over three million subscribers to his YouTube channel with videos totalling more than two billion views.

The Tiger Aspect animation team have created four new short videos (which you can see below) which highlight big issues currently under discussion at the Global Summit in New York.

Richard Curtis, who created Mr Bean along with Rowan Atkinson 26 years ago, said of the project: "Since we started thinking about communicating the new Global Goals - we’ve dreamed about having an alliance with Mr Bean as I keep getting told he’s the world’s most famous comic figure. The second we approached the Bean Animation team - they were completely keen - and have done brilliant work incredibly swiftly. It’s a dream come true and I hope will reach parts that no other work we’ve done could possibly reach.”

Mr Bean - Phone

Mr Bean - Teddy

Mr Bean - Presentation

 Mr Bean - Poster


Mr Bean is helping the UN - and you can too! Search SDGs in Action in the App Store and help make the world a better place. Download the app now or visit:


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