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Mel and Sue have found their first new BBC show

The pair are swapping the tent for the dance floor

Published: Friday, 28th October 2016 at 3:11 pm

You won’t have to wait too long until you see Mel and Sue hosting a new series for the BBC, as it’s just been announced that the duo will be presenting Let’s Sing and Dance for Comic Relief.


The pair will be ditching The Great British Bake Off tent for the dance floor, where celebrities will perform iconic routines for Comic Relief, as is now traditional, with the new added frisson of vocal renditions of classic songs thrown into the mix too.

Past dance highlights have included Robert Webb's stunning take on the What A Feelin' sequence from the movie Flashdance (enjoy below) and Noel Fielding channeling Kate Bush to Wuthering Heights.

Mel Giedroyc made her statement on her new role in the third person, because she’s a legend: “Since leaving the Royal Ballet twelve years ago, Mel is really looking forward to getting back on her points and showing the brave Comic Relief celebrity dancers how to split leap and ball change.

"She's delighted to be taking time out from her busy schedule at the Royal Opera House (she was recently called 'a complete and utter Tosca' in the starring role of the eponymous opera) to take part in co-hosting duties for Let's Sing and Dance For Comic Relief.”

And Sue Perkins added: “I’m thrilled to be co-presenting... not least because it will finally show the world why I was voted West Penwith's Krumping Champion (over 40s category).”

Looking forward to more of those dance-related bants when the show airs next March.


Red Nose Day 2017 is on 24th March


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