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Meet Gogglebox's Siddiqui family

Brothers Baasit and Umar and dad Sid are Gogglebox regulars, but the Siddiqui women do occasionally make cameos...

Published: Friday, 2nd March 2018 at 3:00 pm

Who are the Siddiquis?

Dad Sid (centre) and his two sons Baasit (left) and Umar (right) are all from Derby. Born in Pakistan, Sid moved to the UK when he was 16, and has stayed ever since. He's been married now for almost 40 years, and has two daughters and three sons.


Why don't the rest of the family appear?

Only the boys were brave/dumb enough to take part. Baasit was first asked by his friend who worked on the show, and the others were up for it. Their third brother Raza occasionally makes an appearance, but because he works late he rarely makes filming. "He's a bit like the fifth Beatle," jokes Baasit.

What do they do?

Baasit's an IT teacher – unsurprisingly, his pupils are massive fans of the show. Umar's a microbiologist at the Royal Derby Hospital.

What's their style?

Sid's wife and daughters might be camera-shy, but the Siddiquis have made nights in front of the telly a proper family affair. Baasit's one-year-old daughter even made a guest appearance for Halloween.

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Sid (@goggleboxsid) clearly has a lot of time on his hands right now – nothing like a good Candy Crush addiction to get your through the long Gogglebox gap.

At least he's had his wife's birthday to celebrate/worry about.

Baasit (@baasitsiddiqui) and the rest of the family recently hung out with some of the This Is England '90 stars in Edinburgh. Not bad having Vicky McClure as a fan, is it?


Oh, and they all got a classic caricature – sadly minus their Gogglebox sofa.


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