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Matt Tebbutt says Daily Kitchen Live is a public service that's "needed" right now

The new series aims to help people with limited cooking resources

Published: Sunday, 12th April 2020 at 9:00 am

The host of BBC One's new cooking show Daily Kitchen Live describes it as a public service that's "needed" right now.


The programme has been put together quickly in reaction to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, aiming to help people cook nutritious meals with limited ingredients while also providing light entertainment.

Filmed in the Saturday Kitchen studio, celebrity chef Matt Tebbutt will co-host the show and spoke to about why it has an important role to play in people's ever-changing lockdown lives.

He said: "The reaction recently to Saturday Kitchen has kind of doubled, I guess because people want a bit of light relief. So, I think a morning show with a few laughs in it and a bit of cooking to help people out is probably what's needed at the moment - along with a lot of other things, obviously..."

Daily Kitchen Live will follow a similar format, with a comforting blend of recipes that the whole family can enjoy, guests calling in from home, travel segments from the BBC archives and viewer interaction online.

Journalist and food writer Jack Monroe, best known for her budget recipe books Tin Can Cook and Cooking on a Bootstrap, will be in the studio every day to offer her expertise in budget meals.

"We've crossed paths in the past but this is the first time that I've worked with her side-by-side - or six foot apart," Tebbutt said. "Jack is famous for creating meals using tin cans and cheaper ingredients, so a lot of her knowledge is going to be very useful right now when people are stocked up on stuff that they wouldn't ordinarily have in their cupboards.

"So we're going to create recipes around those which will hopefully give a bit of inspiration to people struggling at home with limited resources."

Though maintaining a nutritious diet is always important, it is hoped that Daily Kitchen Live will also be able to lift the spirits of the nation as it faces many more weeks in lockdown.

Tebbutt added: "It's going to have a very light tone to it. It's hopefully going to be a bit of fun, informative and the idea is first and foremost that it's a public service and it will help people out. But if we can do that in a very upbeat lighthearted manner then so much the better."


Daily Kitchen Live starts on BBC One at 10am on Monday 13th April. If you’re looking for more to watch check out our TV guide.


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