Matt LeBlanc struggles to get into a car in new Top Gear trailer

"A door would have been nice," says the new co-host as he tries out the all-terrain Ariel Nomad in Morocco


New Top Gear host Matt LeBlanc clearly isn’t afraid of sending himself up, with the latest trailer showing him struggling to get into a car. Doesn’t bode well for a man fronting a motoring show…


This isn’t a regular car, though. He’s not stood by the side of a Vauxhall Astra wondering where to put the key or anything. 

In fact, it’s the all-terrain Ariel Nomad that’s causing LeBlanc issues. 

“A door would have been nice,” he grumbles after attempting to fold himself in half to get in. He seems alright once he’s managed it though, yelling “this is too fun” as he races around Morocco. Well, until he gets a face full of dust, that is.

We’ll just call this Star in a Really Annoying Car for now. 


The first episode of Top Gear is expected to air on 29th May on BBC2 with a planned worldwide simulcast