Martin Freeman does flawless Yoda impression for Star Wars Children in Need sketch

The Force was especially strong with the Sherlock star, whose Jedi powers were too much for the celebs to handle

Did you know Martin Freeman could do a mean Master Yoda?


We didn’t either, but her certainly revealed his skills to the world via Children in Need’s star studded Star Wars sketch.

Catch him in action from the 1 minute 48 second mark below:

Freeman was just one of a series of familiar names and faces Warwick Davis, R2-D2 and C-3PO encountered as Sir Terry Wogan (who was sadly absent from the telecast due to illness) sent them on a very special mission to find a superfan to push the first totaliser of the night.

The Sherlock actor stole the show with a flawless impression of the little green Jedi Master, before showing off some serious skills that sent Danny Dyer’s Rosy Lea flying and forced Tom Daley off his diving board early.

Barbarba Windsor’s Carry On Star Wars saga, Lord Sugar’s Stromtrooper flanked sales pitch and Louis Hamilton’s high octane driving just couldn’t come close to Freeman’s Force wielding skills.

We do have to give kudos to Mel and Sue, though.

Who wouldn’t want to get their laughing gear round a Millennium Falcon cake?


And of course, we can’t forget BB-8, who was was charged with pushing the very first totaliser of the evening.