Madonna vogues and twerks through Carpool Karaoke with James Corden

The Queen of Pop took to the Carpool Karaoke throne to perform her classics


Britney’s done it. Bieber’s done it. Adele’s done it. And now buckle up for a ride, because Madonna is riding shotgun and she’s ready to make sweet, sweet music with James Corden.


The Queen of Pop has paid a royal visit to Corden’s car in New York to film Carpool Karaoke. While so far only a teaser clip has been released, it looks set to be a great edition.

Madonna has never been one to hold back, so it’s not a major surprise to see her twerking away in the passenger seat and really getting into it while Corden giggles with delight. It’s also great to re-live the old days with a classic performance to “Vogue” before the two duet to “B***h I’m Madonna”.

Then there’s a tantalising clip of a discussion about Michael Jackson, with Madonna saying she shouldn’t kiss and tell.


Oh, Madonna!