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Lovesick Jamie Laing continues his pursuit of Lucy Watson on Made in Chelsea

Tonight's episode of the E4 reality series saw Jamie's increasingly desperate attempts to win over his crush, much to the dismay of Proudlock, Stevie, Phoebe and Binky

Published: Monday, 16th December 2013 at 10:00 pm

"I love her. No one thinks I do and I know I do." Fear not, Jamie Laing. If they didn't already, the world (or at least the Made in Chelsea viewing public) are more than aware of your feelings for Lucy Watson by now. 


We've never seen Jamie quite like this. The usually excitable cast member spent the entirety of tonight's episode looking decidedly downcast as he continued his increasingly desperate attempts to win over his beau. For those uninitiated in the recent happenings of MIC, it was just last week when Jamie 'fessed up to Lucy about his feelings for her - a conversation that came to an abrupt end when she turned him down, claiming she didn't feel the same way any more

So, what's new this week? Well, not much. Lucy's still telling her pals they speak every day - even at night based on her drunken text messaging to a confused Mr Laing: "I love you so much... You're so important to me... x x" Failing to mention the crucial phrase "as friends", Luce left the poor fella more baffled than ever. 

The next morning brought us Jamie in his boxers in Lucy's kitchen. No, he hadn't stayed over - he'd pretended his washing machine was broken and, er, stripped off his clothes in his latest attempt to seduce her. Lucy responded by summoning Andy to an urgent Chelsea meeting, allowing her to escape the house and her de-robed admirer. Andy knew the score, telling her, "I know Jamie really well and I know he's going to read into it." Gold star, Andy. 

Meanwhile, Lucy's housemate Stevie summoned a worried Proudlock to the house. "This is a new low," he told his almost naked friend. "I'm turned off," added Stevie. So are we. "I know I'm more than friends with her but she won't admit it," lamented Jamie, later telling Phoebe-Lettice, "I'm going to grind her down until she has to give in." Ooh-er. 

After the pair avoided one another at this week's "gig", Binky took the reins and invited both Jamie and Lucy to dinner with her and Alex. A recipe for disaster, surely? Or at least it would have been if Lucy had showed up - instead she texted Binky at the last minute, explaining, "I think I should speak to Jamie alone and for now, space is good." And so we were spared yet another painful Made in Chelsea conversation packed full of awkward pauses. 

We were left watching Jamie wander down the riverside sporting a hat that bore an uncanny resemblance to the Pied Piper. And after a lingering shot of him gazing out across the Thames, next week's trail showed Jamie mounting a last ditch attempt to achieve his goal. "I've got to give it one last go." We can't wait to see how this pans out... 

Made in Chelsea continues next Monday at 10:00pm on E4



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