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Love Island’s Luis gets shock as former love interest arrives

Bethany Rogers has had contact with islander Luis before and wants their first proper date to be on the show

Published: Thursday, 18th June 2015 at 9:00 pm

Love Island lad Luis Morrison has just had a shock: the new girl entering the villa is someone he already knows.


19-year-old dancer and fire-breather Bethany Rogers has met Luis on nights out in the past and spent time texting him.

“It didn’t end badly,” Bethany told, saying the distance between them – she lives in Leeds while he’s based in London – was the main reason things didn’t develop further.

Indeed, they didn’t get the chance to have a proper date, and she’s hoping their first one will be during her time on the island.

“I’m quite an energetic, bubbly person. [I’d like to do] something like jet skiing and have dinner afterwards. I wouldn’t like to just sit there,” Bethany explained.

“I want to catch up, but I’ll be in the house with him 24/7. I can do that in my own time. If I went on a date with someone, I’d want it to be exciting and have fun.”

Bethany’s not too bothered about stepping on the toes of the other girls who’ve confessed to fancying Luis – which seems to be just about everyone in the villa – saying they’ve “had their chance”.

“If they feel threatened, then that’s their problem. I don’t really get threatened by girls. I’m quite a confident person. I’m not bothered about them having a problem with me. But if they do, I’d hope that they’d confront me about it.”

While she’s not allowed to bring her fire-breathing equipment into the villa for health and safety reasons, I think it’s safe to say she’s going to be lighting a fire under plenty of the islanders… 


Love Island continues on Saturday at 9pm with a catch-up show of the week's highlights


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