Lots of people have complained to Ofcom about Noel Fielding hiding in a fridge

Outraged Bake Off fans on Twitter say the show is no longer “family friendly” and is setting a bad example to children

bake off

The Great British Bake Off is facing a possible Ofcom probe following complaints about Tuesday night’s episode – but it’s nothing to do with the plethora of phallic bread creations that featured on the show.


Viewers were drawing attention to Noel Fielding hiding in a fridge, branding it as “irresponsible” when children are watching.

The skit in question saw all six feet of Fielding clamber into a fridge, which Sandi Toksvig then playfully shut to trap him in.

It sparked outrage on social media and has so far prompted 24 complaints to Ofcom. The regulator is currently considering whether to investigate further.

The last time Ofcom considered investigating Bake Off was after the infamous 2014 Bingate incident, for which the watchdog received 800 complaints.


Bingate saw baker Ian Watters chucking away his Baked Alaska after discovering it had melted – with viewers accusing fellow contestant Diana Beard of sabotaging the pudding by removing it from a freezer.