Let It Shine contestants: Who is Deaglan Arthurs?

Meet the wee Northern Irish lad with a big voice and plenty of attitude


Let It Shine contestant profiles: Deaglan Arthurs (it’s basically an Irish version of Declan)


Age: 18

From: Country Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Sings: New York, New York by Frank Sinatra

Deaglan said he’d be “so nervous” stepping out on to the stage in front of the four judges and even his mum looked a tad nervous when he took his spot. 

He told Gary, Dannii, Martin and Amber that he normally sings “in the shower and in church” but is told off by his mum for riffing a bit too much. Deaglan really likes riffing, you see, to the point where “mummy told me to calm down a wee bit”. And even Graham Norton could see how he’d be “a bit much for church”.

He dreams of “selling out arenas, having a good time [and] being known for my singing,” and certainly seemed to impress the judges with his accent.


Deaglan is no stranger to the stage either, having performed in competitions in his native Ireland.