Len Goodman is the perfect dancer according to statistical analysis

Apparently the winning recipe to make a successful dancer is to be a taller than average Taurean with brown eyes and no siblings

Strictly Come Dancing's Len Goodman

A new study suggests that great dancers are “born not made” – so unless you are tall, have small feet, dark hair and eyes, no siblings and your star sign is Taurus – you should probably cancel those tap lessons now.


It turns out former Strictly star Len Goodman has most of those traits (except, actually, we can’t be sure whether he has the required dainty feet), so that must explain his killer moves.

The survey looked at the key characteristics of over 100 professional dancers from a range of different styles to identify the most common traits – and this is the totally accurate, fool-proof recipe for success it came up with.

Ed Balls is a Pisces with a younger brother, which explains his relative inelegance on the dance floor.


The study was commissioned to celebrate the launch of new series The Secret Life of the Ballroom on Sundays at 8pm on W from 17th September.