Last year’s young BGT dance duo Lauren and Terrell return as part of “extraordinary” 25-piece troupe

The 12-year-olds amazed judges last year in the BGT semi-final and are are back with a crew for a "gold medal" performance

Lauren and Terrell, two 12-year-old dancers from last year’s BGT semi-final were back with an even slicker act this year, as they performed an incredible street dance with 25-piece dance troupe IMD.


In 2014, the duo fought for a place in the final with a secret agent-themed dance routine, which although the judges said it was “unbelievable”, wasn’t quite enough to secure a BGT victory.

This year, Lauren and Terrell reminded us just how amazing they were, but this time with an East London crew made up of 25 teenagers and children, some as young as nine years old. Once an after-school dance club, IMD has evolved into a serious troupe which keeps its members on the straight and narrow. 

“Growing up as a teenager in London is hard,” said one member. “If didn’t have IMD I’d be involved in stuff I shouldn’t.” One of the nine year-old (ridiculously adorable) dancers added, “Out of a hundred, I rate dancing two million…I love it.”

The intricate, slick and hugely entertaining collaboration impressed the judges and got them “four big fat yesses” plus a standing ovation. 

“It was absolutely extraordinary,” said David. “That is how you do it. Incredible.”

“This is taking it to another level,” added Simon. “It’s like we’re looking into the future here.”


Let’s hope 2015 is the winning year for Lauren, Terrell and the crew…