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Katie Hopkins: I will be fired one day

Controversial LBC presenter says the day will come when she goes too far

Published: Monday, 26th September 2016 at 5:25 pm

For many the day cannot come too soon but firebrand LBC presenter Katie Hopkins has said that she fully expects to be fired for over-stepping the mark one day.


The presenter, known for her trenchant views on immigration, political correctness and the liberal left, told the Radio Festival in central London today that she fully expects her views to land her in enough hot water for her bosses to issue her with a P45.

“One day I will be sacked by the radio station kind enough to host me,” said the former Apprentice contestant who once compared migrants to “cockroaches”.

"I accept that, without question. One day I will say something that takes it so far over the line I will have to go and I accept that too. I think that is part of the condition of living your life on the line.”

Asked by from the floor whether she is worried about another “mouthy” presenter taking her place she said: “Of course not. If someone wants to take my place they can try. “

Hopkins was given her own LBC show in April after a stint as a guest presenter on the network which airs across the capital.


Her show runs from 10am to midday on Sunday is part of a refreshed weekend schedule on the station which also sees former tennis player and breakfast TV presenter Andrew Castle present the weekend breakfast show on Saturday and Sunday.


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