Kanye West stage invasion by Lee Nelson divides Glastonbury fans

Some laughed, some cringed, but no-one could ignore the upstaging of the Glastonbury headliner

Comedian Lee Nelson caused a bit of a storm last night when he invaded the Glastonbury stage to disrupt Kanye West’s performance.


“Was that Lee Nelson?” wondered thousands of music fans as they sat open-mouthed at the brief intrusion by a man wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the word LEE-ZUS.

Not long later Nelson confirmed that it was indeed him:

Nelson, real name Simon Brodkin, came on to the Pyramid stage during the rapper’s fourth song Black Skinhead and larked around before being swiftly wrestled away by a security guard. (Nelson/Brodkin has form with this sort of thing: last year he managed to sneak into a photograph with the England football team before last year’s World Cup in Brazil).

Some liked it:

Some were a little irritated:

And comedian Janey Godley suggested she wouldn’t mind giving her fellow comic a taste of his own medicine one day:

Comedy actress Rebecca Front reminded people that Kanye had form when it comes to stage invasions:

New Top Gear host Chris Evans was a little non-plussed:

Comedian Mark Steel appeared to be speaking for a lot of Glastonbury watchers when he suggested this:

Clearly someone thought so.

And if you want to know exactly how Twitter opinion fell among the 76,000 or so tweets about Kanye West’s performance last night using a new method of social media analysis, we can tell you.

Research compiled by Oxford University’s Dr Karo Moilanen, CTO and co-founder of TheySay Ltd – a new state-of-the art linguistics tool which does this sort of thing and even measures human emotions like sarcasm – revealed that 44% were “supportive” of West’s Glasto spectacular and 56% were “haters” of his performance.


However, negative sentiment appeared to be much stronger on Twitter than amongst the actual audience, according to the research.